What Students Say About Write Like Freddy

The best way to get a sense of what this training is all about is to hear what past students have to say. Here is a sampling of the glowing feedback provided by our students:

“Danny’s class was fast paced, action packed and always on point. In 4 short weeks he shows you how to target, research, request, write and be asked back for future guest posting opportunities.”
-Kraig from www.ITManagerHQ.com

“The quality of my blog posts has increased dramatically. I have had more visitors in the past month, then the past 5 months combined. My own excitement towards my blog has grown 10,000%. Not that it was a chore before, but it really re-invigorated me to succeed.”

“The Write Like Freddy Program definitely rocks! I’ve generated tons of new insights about writing and marketing online, as well as gained new peers to network with. It’s just a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity I’m glad I did not miss!”
-Celine (onthedotwriting.com)

“The Lesson 3 framework is great and I use it religiously.”


“Well laid out Programme. I came away with many Tips, Templates and practical insights. Danny has captured valid points for online marketing and what really works. Whether you’re new to blogging, have a small community of followers, or already have an established audience, this Programme will help you to identify ways to implement your business mark in the crowded blogosphere.” -Hana Guenzl, Brand Strategist – Deep Vision

“My main issue before signing up was knowing where to start with guest posting and how to structure those guest posts. Danny provided a great program that addresses not only those aspects, but also taught me how to craft emails that work with pitching other people. I’m a better blogger because of this course.”
-Sam Montoya of TheArtOfSatori.com

“There are so many courses out there on improving your site, be it generating traffic, getting more subscriptions & especially getting more sales. That’s why I was hesitant at first to enroll in the Write-like-Freddy course. Firstly, because I think Freddy Kreuger is pretty darn scary but mostly because I wasn’t quite sure what this was about and who was teaching it. After checking out Firepole Marketing and the numerous positive feedbacks from sites such as Copyblogger, Problogger etc. I finally took the plunge. Danny, a.k.a. Freddy, provided “meaty” content on driving traffic and gave me a real-world perspective on driving traffic works. The course will give you the low-down on how guest posting works, how to pitch to popular sites and the juiciest part… how to write your post to make it “meatier” than most of the things you can see on the web.”


“This course left me with few excuses for not succeeding. Thanks, Danny!” -Lana Phillips, The Sad Cafe Community, http://www.thesadcafecommunity.com


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