"I will teach you how to write great posts, get them published anywhere you want, and get the traffic, reputation, and sales that come with it – without having to be a great writer!"

Writing is a cornerstone of marketing for most businesses today.

This is especially true if blogging is part of your marketing plan – and for a lot of small businesses, the fact that it’s free almost means that it has to be!

And the fact of the matter is that you can’t grow a blog without writing.

You have to write great stuff on your own blog, and you have to write great stuff on other major blogs, too.

That’s exactly how I grew Firepole Marketing.

I started about a year ago, with zero online reputation, and zero traffic (in fact, my first guest post went live on Copyblogger on January 10, 2011).

Since then, I’ve written over 80 guest posts that have almost all performed exceptionally well.

And has it worked for my business? Well, you judge for yourself:

The number has since continued to go up, to well over 23,000 monthly views. And yeah, I know, a screenshot of traffic stats is a bit cheesy (at least it isn’t a ClickBank or PayPal account, right?).

So here is the more important information – this is where all that traffic came from:

It didn’t take long for people to start noticing what I was doing. In fact, that’s what earned me the “Freddy Krueger of Blogging” nickname (“wherever I turn, you’re there!”).

Then I started getting emails asking me how I do it. At first, it was just the occasional email, but it’s gotten to the point where I get several of them every week, and sometimes multiple emails per day!

Here’s the text of an actual email that I receive (this is one of my favorites):

Danny, I have no bloody idea how you are such a prolific writer, but kindly share whatever magical Chinese medical brew you are drinking on a daily basis.

Seriously, your stuff is so bloody thorough, with so much variety, and really packed with a ton of suggestions. I still have your post for Passive Panda saved on my evernote (about scaling up your business, more $ / hour and then starting a new venture).

How the hell do you do it?

I always thanked them for the kind words and brushed it off.

I never thought about teaching a training program or anything, because my business is about teaching marketing, not blogging or writing.

Then, while I was away on vacation for the holidays, the dots connected in my head. If people are using blogging and writing to market their businesses, shouldn’t I teach them how to do it right?

So I finally asked the simple question…

Does anyone want me to train them to “Write Like Freddy?”

Well, I got a resounding YES, YES, YES from all over the world.

You told me that you want to learn my secret so that you can get the same kind of exposure that I did, and spread your message and ideas to have an impact around the world.

It doesn’t get much clearer than that!

You understand that if you want blogging to be a part of your marketing strategy, then you’re going to have to write great posts, and lots of them – on your blog, and on other, bigger blogs, too.

You feel exhilarated by the idea of watching your traffic numbers grow, and seeing that the people you connect with already know who you are because of your writing.

BUT (the infamous “but” again)…

You’re probably also feeling a little nervous, and maybe even a little concerned. You probably have all sorts of fears, that sound like this…

  • What if I’m just not a good writer? Can I do this?
  • What if I run out of ideas to write about? I don’t want to recycle old ideas…
  • But writing takes me so long, how could I ever write as much as I need?
  • What if I’m just not cut out to be a writer or blogger?

In other words, what if you just can’t do it?

Well, let me tell you about my friend Matt…

I met Matt way back in 2009.

Using my process, Matt landed a guest post on a major blog. He’s never written before, and English isn’t even his first language!

We were both at a networking event, and we hit it off. Pretty soon we became friends, and have been ever since (he was at my wedding this past September).

Along the way, he’s also become a Firepole Marketing student, and one of my 1-on-1 coaching clients, and as part of the marketing plan that we mapped out, he was going to have to start blogging. Not only that, but he was going to have to write guest posts for major blogs.

To say that Matt was a little nervous would be an understatement; he had never done much writing before, and English isn’t even his first language!

Well, long story short, I showed him the exact process that I follow when I write, and it worked great;

  • He made a short list of major blogs to target (I had to push him to aim high!)
  • He proposed his post to the first blog on the list (Dumb Little Man), and it was accepted
  • He wrote an awesome post, following my formula
  • The post (his very first guest post!) performed very well, with 529 tweets and 736 Facebook shares in the first 10 days
  • The post even got linked to by the New York Times Online

Matt is a great guy, and he’s very good at what he does, but he doesn’t have any innate talents as a writer.

If he could do it, so can you.

I’m Giving You a Comprehensive, All-Inclusive Training Program

It’s very important to me that my clients get results, and that the people I train get the very best training possible (and that they are able to write as much as they want and need so they can have the biggest impact on the world and their communities).

And since my reputation is on the line (and I’m an “all or nothing” professional) I wouldn’t dream of giving you anything less than a comprehensive, all inclusive training program that covers all of the bases you need!

As someone once said, “If something is worth doing then it’s worth doing right!” I couldn’t agree with that more.

After spending days reviewing all of the requests that I had received, and combining them with what I think it takes to write great post, I finally came up with…

The “Write Like Freddy” Training Program!

The “Write Like Freddy” training program includes four training modules that will teach you how to quickly and easily write kick-ass blog posts that people will want to read and share.

I won’t just teach you how to write – over the course of four weekly lessons, I will take you step by step through every stage of the process, from choosing a target blog, to coming up with an idea, to writing an epic post, to getting the most possible mileage out of it, from beginning to end.

All classes are delivered via high-quality, pre-recorded videos (as well as MP3 audios, PDF slides and transcripts), along with worksheets and other supporting materials.

Here is a look behind closed doors…

The Curriculum Includes:

  • How to find the very best places to publish your posts (to get tons of traffic, build a great reputation, and make lots of sales)
  • What the three criteria are for deciding whether to post on a blog, or whether you’re better off not wasting your time
  • How to come up with a winning angle for your post, every single time (even if it’s your first time writing for a new audience!)
  • How to know that your posts will perform well and be shared, before you write a single word
  • How to write guest post proposals that will get accepted on major authority blogs, even if you don’t have a relationship with the blog owner
  • How to choose a headline that will make people read your post – even if you aren’t a writer!
  • How to outline an entire post in less than 10 minutes (this is the same process that I use on ALL of my posts)
  • How to make sure that you don’t run out of ideas, and your posts are always “meaty” and full of great content and information
  • How to write posts that makes people want to print them out and put them on their walls! (that’s the best compliment a blogger or writer can get, and you’ll get it a lot!)
  • How to control when a post will be published on somebody else’s blog (and stay out of the limbo of not knowing when or whether your post will be published)
  • What steps to take after your post has been published to get waaaay more mileage out of it (it amazes me that nobody thinks to do this!)
  • How to get extra SEO “link juice” out of your guest posts on authority blogs
  • How your guest posts can help you build relationships with the entire blogosphere (without having to write a ton of posts!)

And you’ll have the benefit of my expertise and experience to answer every single one of your questions along the way!

How Much Will This Cost?

I’ve seen similar training programs selling for many hundreds of dollars, but you can enroll in “Write Like Freddy” for the introductory price of $137.

The doors to the “Write Like Freddy” training program are now open, but this low price won’t be available for long, so if you’re interested, I wouldn’t waste any time – scroll down on this page and sign up right now.

My 100% Money-Back No-Questions Asked Guarantee

I’ll make it simple – if the program isn’t right for you, then I don’t want your money.

If at any time during your first two weeks in the “Write Like Freddy” training program you feel that it isn’t the right fit for you, just send me an email and your tuition will be refunded, no questions asked.

I look forward to working with you in the program!

P.S. A word of advice – if you want this, you should move fast. Not because supply is running out, but because ultimately, it’s about results, and the longer you wait, the longer it’s going to take for you to start seeing them!

Click here to sign up for only $137 right now